August 2011

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August 2011

Marianna Gariti – Chicago, IL

SMI is pleased to recognize Marianna Gariti as our August Talent of the Month.Marianna has made a big splash this summer by providing us with outstanding work in August across many brands, formats and venues. Her willingness to work and gain experience in the industry is matched by her follow-through and attention-to-detail on execution and reporting. Her events include: Absolut, Corona, Amstel Light, Twisted Tea and Playboy Energy Drink. We took this opportunity to get to know Marianna a little better and find out some of her thoughts on the event industry and working with Signature Marketing:

1. Why did you enter the event marketing industry?
I entered the event marketing industry because I love working with people. I found it was a fun way to interact with others and learn about different products that just hit the market.

2. What advice would you give other brand ambassadors on how to run a successful promotion?
The best tip I can offer is to know your product and always have a smile on your face. If you look like you are having fun I found that people naturally gravitate towards you and want to know what you are all about! If you know the product inside and out most of the time it sells it self!

3. What can a client provide for a promotion that helps you get customers excited about and interacting with the brand?
Definitely product info with key highlights and…. GIVEAWAYS! Everyone loves free stuff! =)

4.  What is the best thing about working for Signature Marketing?
I had so much fun working with Signature this past summer, all the girls are great and they made it all that much better!

5.  What was the most fun promotion you’ve ever worked?
The most fun promotion to date was working the Corona/Light  summer patio events at various Buffalo Wild Wings. The onsite client is great, and it was priceless watching the excitement on the faces of customers when they won the tiki bar.