January 2012

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January 2012

Michelle Guivas- Chicago, IL

SMI is pleased to recognize Michelle Guivas as our January Talent of the Month. Michelle has proven herself to be a very versatile and valuable member of our team. Michelle has worked steadily as a model talent beer and liquor spokesmodel on our Absolut, Olmeca, Kahlua, Malibu, Corona and Sam Adams campaigns. She has also worked as a Casted Talent Brand Ambassador on street-team events and in-store retail samplings and demonstrations. Michelle is reliable, outgoing and always has a smile on her face. We took this opportunity to get to know Michelle a little better and find out some of her thoughts on the event industry and working with Signature Marketing:

1. What advice would you give other brand ambassadors on how to run a successful promotion?

The best advice for working a successful promotion is to enjoy what you do. Remember you are a brand and the face to the product. Consumers rely on you to provide feedback and information on the product. Always be open minded as consumers will have their own opinions and remarks, most importantly remember to have fun and smile.

2. What is the best thing about working for Signature Marketing?

Where to start with this question … Signature Marketing is always a pleasure to work for. The employees go out of their way to make sure you feel comfortable completing their events. It’s not often that you see the face of the company work side by side with staff, which is always a plus. If you’re ever in need of information, Signature is always there to answer any questions even after hours. Payments for Signature are always on time and correct, no need to wait a month to get reimbursed. To be honest, Signature Marketing has and will continue to be my favorite Marketing Company.


3. What was the most fun promotion you’ve ever worked?

I had the privilege of working the release event for the  playstation game “Just Dance”. Not only did I launch the program, I got to dance with consumers all day, everyday. I taught consumers dance moves which was a fun workout as you dance nonstop to beat your competitor. I had a blast making up dance moves and seeing adults act like children. Not only was it a great launch, it was a fun and enjoyable event.