March 2012

Category: Top Talent

March 2012

Diana Robayo – Alhambra, CA

SMI is pleased to recognize Diana Robayo as our March Talent of the Month. Diana is a new addition to our brand ambassador sales team in California, and she has already caught our attention! Diana is a pleasure to work with; she has excellent communication skills, thoroughly prepares for her events and promotions, has high sales ability, and immediately completes her post-event reporting. Diana was quick to show off her ability to sell product and won sales awards for two of her first three weekends working on our Serta campaign. We look forward to working with Diana in the future!

We took this opportunity to get to know Diana a little better and find out some of her thoughts on the event industry and working with Signature Marketing:

1. What advice would you give other brand ambassadors on how to run a successful promotion?

The best advice I could give other brand ambassadors for future events would be to maintain a positive attitude, ask questions, and be a team player.  Maintaining a positive attitude is important because it makes the event more enjoyable for everyone.  Brand ambassadors can feed off of each others energy to provide a fulfilling and fun environment.  By having a bad attitude, it will only make the job responsibilities seem much more difficult.  Asking questions allows for effective communication.  Some people are afraid to ask questions about clarifying info, but it will help you become better prepared to fulfill your job duties.  Also, a team player gives everyone the chance to practice cohesion and in the end the outcome of the event will be more successful.  Once you help your team, they are more willing to do the same for you.

2. What is the best thing about working for Signature Marketing?

Since this is my first event with Signature Marketing, my experience was solely based on the process of getting hired, being booked, and working my first event promoting Serta.  The communication with this company is excellent and Amanda Rankin was my point of contact for the Serta events.  I had many questions that I was bombarding Amanda about and she was quick to respond to the emails I sent to her.  My only issue of waiting on my debit card was resolved in a timely manner, and I greatly appreciate that help.  There was never a pay discrepancy nor was the pay delayed in any way, since I did follow directions.  Finally, I highly recommend this company to anyone because I feel they are organized and provide the information and training necessary, in order to feel confident in performing the assigned tasks.  Thanks again for a wonderful first experience with Signature Marketing and I hope to work with this company in the future.  Thanks to Amanda as well!!!

3. What can a client provide for a promotion that helps you get customers excited about and interacting with the   brand?

The client can provide visual materials, such as brochures and flyers, engage the consumers about the product at hand.  Some people may be willing to listen to verbal communication of a product, while others pay more attention to tangible items.  Also, consumers are easily distracted and tend to focus on the event if premiums are being distributed.  It could be a small, inexpensive item such as a keychain or sticker, and people tend to be more interested in the product.