November 2011

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November 2011

Tyler Mose – Chicago, IL

SMI is pleased to recognize Tyler Mose as our November Talent of the Month. Tyler has worked on our Shecky’s Girls Night Out Program, our Cointreau program, and our ComEd Community Outreach programs at Brookfield and Lincoln Park Zoos.  Tyler is always eager to jump in on any program and execute with professionalism, attention to detail, and a great attitude! Tyler was integral in obtaining a new client, Cointreau, by impressing them with his presentation skills at a “Girls Night Out” event.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work Tyler! We took this opportunity to get to know Tyler a little better and find out some of his thoughts on the event industry and working with Signature Marketing:

1. How did you enter the event marketing industry?

I entered the marketing industry about 5 years ago with what was then the professional lacrosse team of Chicago (Chicago Machine). Our means of marketing the team were hitting the streets with gear/ promotional give aways and spreading the word on the team. This was a grass roots marketing campaign at its finest! It was a great way to explore the city as a newbie to Chicago and understand consumers at face value and how quickly you must engage them!

2. What advice would you give other brand ambassadors on how to run a successful promotion?

-Don’t over sell! You need to engage each potential buyer as a human being. They’re ready for a sales pitch as soon as they see you. Trust me! I’ve seen the would be buyer shy away very quickly as soon as they see someone with free product.

Be yourself, act like you don’t need the business, engage them and let them decide for themselves. If there is a special going on be sure to mention this! Consumers are much more apt to buy when there is some type of deal.

Also, always remember to give away the free swag or items that you have. Consumers are much more apt to purchase after you have given them something for free. They feel a certain obligation or need to buy! Think of it from your personal perspective of when someone does something nice for you. You are much more likely to do something for them in the future. The same goes with the free giveaways! These are in essence seeds that you are planting in the consumers minds just by giving away something that you have a plethora of!

3. What is the best thing about working for Signature Marketing?

The best thing about Signature is that it is a very well run company. By well run, I mean that assignments are delivered in a timely manner, payment is distributed on time – ALWAYS – and the events are fun! I’ve been more than lucky and happy to have run across Signature Marketing and been even more lucky that they have continued to let me represent and work for them at various functions! Management is very easy going and easy to work with scheduling wise. If you are loyal to Signature Marketing, they definitely hold up their end of the bargain and continue to provide you work!