September 2011

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September 2011

Kristina Ethier – Chicago, IL

SMI is pleased to recognize Kristina Ethier as our September Talent of the Month. Kristina got herself noticed this year by working our kick-off Frolicat event and selling over 300 units! Kristina also represents Absolut and Jameson Irish Whiskey for Signature Marketing. We took this opportunity to get to know Kristina a little better and find out some of her thoughts on the event industry and working with Signature Marketing:

1. What advice would you give other brand ambassadors on how to run a successful promotion?

Advice I would give other brand ambassadors on how to run a successful promotion is to know what you’re promoting.  Signature provides a vast amount of informative materials beforehand, and if you use that information, you will be more confident when you are asked questions by the consumers.  Additionally, being knowledgeable about the product will help you increase sales and the success of your promotion.

2. What is the best thing about working for Signature Marketing?

The best thing about working for Signature Marketing is the variety in the work you get to do.  You get to meet all kinds of different people and work in interesting environments.

3. What was the most exciting promotion that you’ve worked?

The most fun promotion I ever worked was the Wine, Beer and Cigar Festival in Libertyville, IL.  It was a beautiful end of Summer day at an outdoor event.  I worked a booth for Bard’s Beer which is a craft gluten-free beer.  It was very enjoyable because on one side of me I had reps from 312 and the other side I had people from Beer Connoisseur Magazine; so when I wasn’t engaging with consumers I was able to talk to them and learn more about them.  Plus, for the people that were gluten sensitive, it was so great showing them that they can drink beer again!  Also, some people tried it just because they could and really liked it, or were impressed by the fact that it was gluten free.  Finally, I received meal tickets so I was able to try some of the local fare, and had an excellent “garbage” salad for dinner and also had the opportunity to try a few tasty organic things.  Overall, I didn’t feel like I was working, because it was such an inviting environment.  I was there for five and a half hours and the time just flew by!