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We deliver your message
to the right person,
at the right place, at the right time.

Our cultivated team of digital brand ambassadors drive sales and increase conversions by virtually sampling or demonstrating your product via social media.

Promote alternate avenues for sales with our highly customizable influencer marketing approach.

We will amplify digital and live marketing efforts to promote alternate avenues for sales during COVID-19 and beyond. We will ensure your messages are on brand, your product is highly visible, and your influencer marketing campaign provides cross-channel marketing support.

Together we will create an influencer marketing strategy that gets your brand noticed.

We keep your messaging on-brand, encourage high engagement, and emphasize positive return on investment (ROI) by utilizing:

Influencer Marketing

Casted Talent

We select ambassadors that align with your brand, have engaged followings, post high-quality content, and have frequent posting schedules. Our robust technology allows us to survey and filter our team based on any criteria you choose.

Brand Training

Our influencers are thoroughly trained on your product, branding guidelines, campaign goals, and program specifics

Creative Content Hubs

We create a home-base for your influencers where we provide message prompts and inspiration, links to shareable content, and space to inspire each other. We love to add in some incentives to encourage friendly competition!

Content Strategy

We work with you to create a content plan so you are ready to capture and utilize all of the valuable content created for you through an influencer campaign. We also provide screenshots of every influencer post and story in your campaign summary, providing a content bank for future use.

Defined Goals and KPIs

First we listen to your needs, then we clearly set goals and KPIs accordingly. We custom build reporting tools to track the data that you need, analyze the results, and summarize key learnings.

Clear Call-to-Action

The trick to successful marketing is to lead your customer directly to the next step in your customer journey with a strong call-to-action. We define one CTA per post to make sure your future customer move towards your goal. Whether you are looking for shares, newsletter sign-ups, website visits, or purchases, we define the journey to lead your customers there.

Nano-Influencer Efficiencies

Nano-Influencers provide huge value and benefits to Influencer Marketing Campaigns but come with a unique set of training and tracking challenges. We solve them for you. Read more about our nano-influencer approach .

Emphasis on Sales and ROI

We monitor analytics throughout your campaign and make necessary adjustments to optimize conversions and increase ROI. We can even provide you with a client log-in for real-time access to your campaign progress.

We provide influencers on the following platforms:

Linked In Influencer
Pinterest Influencer Logo
Instagram Influencer Logo
TikTok Influencer Logo

At Signature, we provide small, family business attention combined with large agency results.

Event StaffingEvent Staffing

Staff your event with our effective, perfectly-cast, and sales-driven promotional talent, influencers, and brand ambassadors.

Event Logistics + ReportingEvent Logistics + Reporting

Bring your campaign to life and measure its success with turnkey logistical solutions and industry-leading reporting tools.

Event PlanningEvent Planning

Effective experiential marketing campaigns start with a great plan. Select full-service event planning or choose only the services you need.

Contact us for a free consultation and put your brand in your customers hand!