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We are the brains
and the brawn behind
your beautiful campaign.

In order to deliver the Instagramable photos, high energy videos, and applause worthy analytics of a successful campaign, you need the people power to attend to the event logistics details and the brain power to attend to the data.

Event logistics are managed and clearly set goals tracked with our industry-leading job-tracking and reporting tools.

We’re quick to roll up our sleeves behind the scenes to handle all of your event logistics, and even quicker to put the right tracking in place to make sure we’re collecting usable data and ready to report results.

Together we will define the measurables for your campaign, program, or event, and customize a presentation ready summary to report the data you need.

Event Logistics

Preparing for an event, sampling campaign, or product launch is no easy task, and your success depends on making sure every detail is accounted for. We provide turnkey value by tackling all logistical components of your event or campaign and completing them on time and on budget.

Our logistics capabilities include:

Event Scheduling

We’re happy to schedule your single events or large programs with your customer or venue and report the final calendar back to you in an organized way. This saves our clients time, energy, and money, especially with retail chains or multi-site events.

Route Planning

Projects that involve deliveries, merchandising, or a sequential event series benefit from our ability to apply in-market insights to your route plan. Provide us with your raw information and we will connect the dots to provide a plan that maximizes your budget and achieves your goals. Our real-time tracking and communication allows us to make adjustments and day-of changes and optimizations.

Staff, Distributor, and Sales Rep Training

Our experienced Project Managers and Brand Ambassadors can be an extended resource to deploy out into the field in order to train and educate retailers, distributor personnel and field sales reps on brands, upcoming programs and new strategies within a market.

Enhanced Brand Ambassador Training

For those clients wanting a deeper training dive with their program staff, we have multiple options for enhanced team training that include (but are not limited to) live/pre-recorded phone training, online video conferences, online interactive, and in-person client-led classroom training.

Event Material Kitting and Distribution

A key component in our industry is the use and management of promotional items and materials to enhance the impact of an event with retailers and consumers. By receiving, organizing and distributing out the necessary materials and quantities to our teams, we maximize the ROI on those items. We readily work through scheduling and staffing nuances to ensure the right materials are in place at each event.

POS Marketing Support

A Point of Sale Marketing Strategy can make or break your bottom line. We help our clients make sure their POS Strategy is executed correctly by warehousing, delivering, and assembling displays, shelving, and signage. We also provide auditors to check POS placement and survey your competitor positioning.

Inventory Mangagement

In addition to event-based kitting and materials, we can also store, manage and deliver high-value assets such as engraving machines, special-event furniture, large displays, seasonal merchandising and other specialty items. This saves storage costs and logistic expense and allows us to utilize them as needed across programming.

Merchandising of Accounts

Our talent is readily available to merchandise, pack onsite kits and re-configure retail and event spaces on our clients’ behalf. Our teams mirror the populations and demographics of cities and markets and are a quick and efficient way to tackle a large people-power project without drawing on your internal employee time and energy.

Expense/Bar Tab Management

Our team is equipped and capable of handling any and all onsite expenses with ComData and Visa purchase cards. Following state laws (of course!), we’re able to purchase sample bottles, pay for bar tabs, and handle on-the-spot expenses without client assistance and wrap everything into a clean invoice at the end of the program.

Corporate and Sales Incentive Sourcing

Following state laws (always!) Signature Marketing is able to source, manage and deliver sales team, distributor, retailer and consumer incentives to help further enhance programs and promotions in the market.

Data Collection and Reporting

A critical part of our successful marketing effort is to clearly set goals and KPIs, track them appropriately through our industry-leading web-based platform, analyze the results, and summarize key learnings. At the conclusion of each program, or at regular intervals throughout long-term programs, you’ll receive detailed summaries from our collected data and tools:

Price/Competitive Surveying

Customized Executive Summaries

Event Sales Tracking

Fully customizable data collection, surveying, and reporting

Trend Analysis and Suggestions

Customized Client Reporting Dashboard

At Signature, we provide small, family business attention combined with large agency results.

Event StaffingEvent Staffing

Staff your event with our effective, perfectly-cast, and sales-driven promotional talent, influencers, and brand ambassadors.

Event PlanningEvent Planning

Effective experiential marketing campaigns start with a great plan. Select full-service event planning or choose only the services you need.

Influencer MarketingInfluencer Marketing

Drive alternate avenues for sales. Engage consumers and influence behavior with virtual samplings and social media influencers.

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