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Micro-Influencer Marketing Spartan Wine

Wine4Runners Spartan Wines Micro-Influencer Marketing Program


  • Drive sales via a Micro-Influencer Marketing campaign by encouraging online purchase of customized commemorative Spartan label wines
  • Create a content bank for future social media use of high-quality UGC (User Generated Content)
  • Build brand awareness of the giftability of this unique and exciting product geared towards runners and obstacle course racers


We worked closely with the Wine4Runners team to create a strategic Micro-Influencer Marketing campaign designed to deploy over a 4-week period. We engaged a team of 10 Spartan micro-influencers (followings of 10k-20k)  to receive, sample, and gift the official wine of Spartan Races.

We designed the messaging to utilize a strong call-to-action per post to drive sales. Our Micro-Influencers promoted the giftability of this custom product by hosting giveaways, gifting to friends and family, and promoting Father’s Day as a gifting opportunity.

We created a thorough Influencer Deck to train our influencers, establish brand identity, set program guidelines, deliver crafted messaging, and define reporting expectations.

We used thoughtful and thoroughly researched hashtags to track the campaign and piggyback on trending wine related movements.

We created custom surveys to track the data most valuable to the client. Due to the variation in the level of analytics that influencers can access within Instagram, we utilized both audited self-reporting to a custom survey as well as pulled analytics.

We created a content bank with all images, videos, and stories generated throughout the campaign.


This program resulted in a highly successful engagement rate of 11% and over 70,000 impressions. The client saw a large spike in website traffic driven from Instagram.

The high quality content created by our influencers provides continued value to the client. This content can be reposted on social media, used in social media stories, featured on the client website, featured on the client blog posts, and used in paid advertising.



  • Date June 8, 2020
  • Tags Influencer Marketing