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Event Logistics: Jameson Irish Whiskey Barrel Program

Jameson Irish Whiskey Barrel Program – Objective of Our Event Logistics:

Signature Marketing coordinated with 4 local Chicago graffiti artists to pick up 80 100lb Jameson whiskey barrels that had been custom painted with neighborhood and city designs. Our job was to plan the event logistics, and design an efficient plan for a 4-day delivery route, as well as for retail placement at key grocery and liquor stores. We were also responsible for photographing and recapping the success of the program to report back to the Jameson brand team to help them determine future strategy and activity waves.

Our Approach:

Signature Marketing’s Project Manager picked-up 80 whiskey barrels from 4 artists in the city and suburbs in late February with the goal of merchandising displays leading into St. Patricks Day.  As part of our event logistics plan, all of the barrels were hand-delivered to the key retail contact, and placed as the centerpiece of a seasonal Jameson display.  Signature Marketing contacted the associated store and the appropriate sales rep in real-time to confirm delivery and prompt a follow-up on the store level.


  • A total of 596 miles were traveled and 8,000 lbs of wood and paint were lifted, barrel-rolled and hand-trucked to their final destinations by February 28th, on-time and on-budget.
  • Jameson established a tight bond with their retailers using the ‘Love Thy Neighborhood’ theme and repeated the program to a new set of accounts for Labor Day Weekend 2019.

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  • Date January 10, 2020
  • Tags Event Logistics

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