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Street Team Marketing: Downy Wrinkle Release Chicago

Downy Wrinkle Release Street Team Marketing Objective:

Our mission with this street team marketing event was to pick-up, divide and distribute 12,000+ Downy Wrinkle Release samples to busy commuting professionals in downtown Chicago. We utilized our engaging brand ambassadors to inform people and get them excited about this product. We mapped ideal street locations and times to reach core customers, and used this information to build and staff a pop-up activation in front of the Chicago Tribune building for additional impact.

Dividing and Conquering with 20 Street Team Members at Five Locations:

Signature Marketing picked-up and transported 12,000+ boxed samples of the product and re-kitted the inventory into portable quantities. We prepped over-the-shoulder messenger bags for each of our street team members. We planned a quick and easy system for refilling bags via a mobile box truck in downtown Chicago.  20 brand ambassadors were staffed on several different street teams to canvas 2 key commuter stations (Union Station and Ogilvie Station) and 3 college campuses at DePaul, Loyola and UIC. By separating these street teams into smaller groups, we were able to reach more commuters in less time, with the intention of maximizing both our clients budget and our time on the ground.

Measurable Results in Distribution:

By using our street team marketing tactics to target high-foot-traffic areas, our brand ambassadors were able to personally hand out 12,148 samples to commuters and students over the course of 3 days and 168 hours on the street. Our brand ambassadors were conscious of the fact that these commuters had somewhere to be, and were able to effectively and efficiently pass along a sample and product information with a positive attitude that will be remembered.

We completed re-loading of supplies via box truck in real-time and used group messaging to ensure minimal down-time during our event hours. Our team also provided product delivery, packaging takeaway, and nightly recaps to WGN on a turnkey budget.

  • Date January 9, 2020
  • Tags Event Logistics, Event Planning, Event Reporting, Event Staffing, Street Teams