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Signature Marketing recruits and retains the best promotional talent staff in the industry.

Who do we recruit?

Our brand ambassadors are friendly, honest, organized, professional, and sales-oriented individuals that love making connections with people. If this sounds like you, you may be a great fit for our team!

How do we retain talent?

We prize kindness, trust, thorough training, quick communication, and competitive compensation as equally high priorities that benefit our growing team members.

What makes us the best?

We value the relationships of the brand ambassadors and promotional talent working with us, and that value will be apparent to you through our regular interactions.

How do I become a Signature Marketing Brand Ambassador?

Apply by creating an online profile in our secure staffing portal. Please describe your experience including brand names, other agencies/companies you’ve worked for, and event duties.

Upload a clear photo of yourself taken within the last month. Photos with filters or graphics added cannot be accepted.

Once your profile is completed, a staffing coordinator will reach out to you as soon as there is an available event or program in your area to complete the interview process.

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What happens next?

How do I know when events are available in my area?

As events and programs are created and offered out for booking, Signature will notify you via email based on your fit for the program and proximity to the location(s). You can access the event details and apply via our website. Priority will be given to timely responses and our established team with plenty of opportunity for new talent. If the event is booked prior to your response, it will not appear in your offer calendar. Don’t get frustrated if you aren’t booked; continue responding and we will do our best to get you lined up with an event that is the right fit for you! The more events that you apply for, the more exposure we have to your name and interest level.

How do I know if I have been booked for an event?

Once an event is staffed you will either receive an email informing you of your booking or an email that will say the shift is no longer available. Sometimes these auto-generated emails may hit your spam folder so please ensure we are added in your email address book. We do ask that if you are actively applying to work with us that you log into your profile regularly to view your booking calendar directly. If this is your first event with Signature Marketing, you will hear from the corresponding booking manager to arrange a first event training call.

What should I wear when I work an event?

The standard promotional outfit requested by our clients for retail events includes black dress pants, a white collared shirt and black close-toed shoes. For liquor industry events, we often request black pants, heels or dress shoes, and an unbranded black top for off-premise tastings, and a black cocktail dress with heels or black pants and collared shirt with dress shoes for on-premise events. We always ask you to refer to the assignment instructions to view client requests on attire prior to accepting a booking and prior to executing an event.

How do I get paid for events that I worked?

We write vendor checks twice a month, on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month.

Payments are issued via Zelle/QuickPay and sent electronically.  You do not have to bank with Chase to be paid by us but will need to follow the provided instructions and connect through the Zelle network.  In instances where this connection is not possible, Signature will happily send a traditional mailed check.

There is no waiting period for our vendor payment as long as you have correctly completed your paperwork and submitted it in time for the vendor pay. This policy is appreciated by our staff and sets us apart from many agencies who may wait 30 days or until being paid by their clients to pay their staff. Payment inquiries can be made directly to our office manager, Amanda, at [email protected]

How many booking offers can I expect?

Differing seasons can yield varying busy periods depending on the client. For the most part, you can expect consistent opportunities through the calendar year. More opportunities are filled with the team members that prove to be communicative and reliable in their execution and reporting.

What should I bring for an event?

This is a great question and since we have several favorite items, we wrote a blog post about it. You can view it here.

Our Superior Talent Enjoys:

Exciting Opportunities

Consistent work opportunities with a variety of clients and venues

Exciting events representing iconic brands

Flexible schedule based on your applications

Competitive Pay Rates

Highly competitive pay rates

Twice monthly payment processing

Access to our powerful online staffing system for accepting events, managing your work calendar, downloading training manuals, reporting event results, submitting time cards, and tracking payments

Organized Management Team

Thorough training and event preparation

A responsive, organized, and invested management team

Automated event reminders

Event Hotline: 24/7 access to your management team via our toll-free event hotline  (intended for onsite event needs and after hour emergency circumstances pertaining to bookings)

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