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Event Marketing Tour Manager: XRT Pick-Up Stage

The Objective of Providing an Event Marketing Tour Manager for WRT’s Pick-Up Stage Event:

Our goal at Signature Marketing was to activate “Chicago’s Finest rock Station” WXRT 93.1FM’s reputation and presence within the local communities, and provide live music support through their 10’x10’ Pick Up Stage concept. We provided a devoted event marketing tour manager for the summers of 2018 and 2019, who was responsible for managing musical instruments, a festival tent, and associated merchandising. Our tour manager was also tasked with engaging audience members and encouraging attendees to visit the booth, play an instrument, jam with friends and create impromptu live music on the spot.

Our Efficient Approach to an Ongoing Event:

Across a select schedule of Chicagoland neighborhood festivals and special events, Signature Marketing provided a devoted Tour Manager to attend and work all events, setup/breakdown all equipment and handle off-site storage and transport in between weekends. Feedback and optimizations were made after the initial 2 weeks of execution to ensure consistency and longevity of the instruments. Ongoing, clear, and timely communication with our client and event management teams were critical to review and adjust for festival maps, logistics timing, booth needs, etc. Our goal with this method of event marketing was to handle this element of their large event efficiently, effectively, and as seamlessly as possible so our client could dedicate their focus to their greater goals.

Our Management Results:

  • Our team handled guitars, keyboards, drums and sound equipment across 3 months, variable outdoor elements and 2 states.
  • A total of 18 street festivals, 204 event hours and 50,000+ impressions were logged across the 2 summers managing the program.
  • Date January 10, 2020
  • Tags Event Logistics, Event Staffing, Festivals