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Nano-Influencer Marketing Campaigns: An Overview

Nano-Influencer Marketing Campaigns digitally deliver your message to the right person at the right time.

How do nano-influencer marketing campaigns work?

The purpose of  a nano-influencer marketing campaign is to activate a team of local brand ambassadors/spokesmodels to promote your brand as nano-influencers. They will virtually sample, engage, and interact with their audience in alignment with the campaign instructions. Signature selects Ambassadors with engaged followings, high-quality content, and frequent posting schedules. Ambassadors use their personal social media accounts to continue doing what our agency does best – build brands, drive sales, and get results.

If you’re new to influencer marketing and want a crash course, we recommend this post by Hootsuite.

We tell our influencers what talking points to post, when to post it, and where, and we track all the data along the way. Our influencers bring their own voice, creativity, and style to create content that engages and resonates.

We ensure campaign content is aligned with your brand’s digital and traditional marketing strategies and optimize your campaign to provide cross-channel marketing support. This highly customizable approach can be utilized to amplify digital efforts, promote alternate avenues for sales during COVID-19, and support retailers in lieu of traditional live event and wet sampling methods.

Why are nano-influencer marketing campaigns effective?

  • Their audiences are built on trust and genuine relationships, which allows their words and recommendations to hold more value than larger influencers.
  • They are highly cost-effective.
  • They are very effective for niche, hyper-targeted, and local campaigns.
  • Their strong connections with their followers allow them to bring consumers deeper into the sales funnel.
  • They are more authentic, and far less likely to utilize fake followers or bots.
  • They have the highest engagement rate of ALL INFLUENCER CATEGORIES!

How do we measure the success of nano-influencer marketing campaigns?

We believe that a critical part of any successful marketing effort is to clearly set goals and KPIs, track them appropriately, analyze the results, and summarize key learnings.

Influencer marketing campaign goals generally fall into two broad categories: brand awareness or direct response. Some examples of preliminary goals within each of these categories include:

Brand Awareness Goals

  • Social Reach (KPIs tracked are Followers, Subscribers, and Impressions)
  • Engagement (KPIs tracked are Likes, Comments, Shares, Mentions, Hashtags)
  • Website Traffic

Direct Response Goals

  • Purchases
  • Sign-Ups (such as newsletter, subscriptions, new accounts)
  • Click-Through Rate on Suggested Links
  • Content Downloads

How does this integrate with my sampling campaign?

Influencer marketing is effective as an independent campaign and also as a support to your live event and sampling campaigns. We can utilize nano-influencer marketing in conjunction with your experiential campaign to:

  • promote your live events
  • promote and support retailers
  • amplify product messages
  • drive traffic to landing pages
  • increase the impact of your live events
  • Date June 8, 2020
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