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Influencer Marketing Campaign for Training Paradise

Influencer Marketing was an integral piece of the marketing strategy around Training Paradise’s business launch. Prior to their Grand Opening, Training Paradise hosted an Influencer Week. This soft launch allowed Training Paradise to test their processes, get feedback, and build a content bank for months to years of future social media and website use. The active posting by social media influencers built brand awareness and added credibility to their new venture.

Influencer Marketing Objectives:

  • Build Brand Awareness leading up to Training Paradise’s Grand Opening
  • Feature the property, program, and nutrition plan via Instagram posts and stories
  • Participate in video and photo content creation
  • Drive reviews
  • Drive bookings


One mid-tier influencer and one nano-influencer were provided to visit Training Paradise in Phuket, Thailand during their soft launch influencer week. Influencers participated in the full fitness and wellness program in order to capture complete content and provide valuable feedback.

Influencers posted daily content throughout their week long stay in Instagram posts and stories, as well as created highlights to keep the content visible and prolong visibility.

Strategic hashtags were used to drive traffic and increase engagement.

Post-stay, influencers were encouraged to leave reviews. Reviews provide added value to the client and are critical to getting bookings as a new fitness retreat.

Influencer Marketing Campaign Results:

  • This program successfully received high impressions and engagement, and successfully drove traffic to the Training Paradise website and social media accounts.
  • Positive ROI was achieved through bookings driven by our influencers
  • Valuable content was created by and with our influencers for future marketing efforts
  • Social Media content is still getting views and engagement over a year later. These campaigns generate long-term results!
  • Date June 8, 2020
  • Tags Influencer Marketing