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Nike Boston Marathon Fitness Event Staffing

Nike Boston Marathon Fitness Event Staffing Objective:

Our goal was to amplify NIKE’s brand presence during the Boston Marathon weekend by using creative guerilla tactics to navigate city handbill regulations and the office race sponsorship held by Adidas. We provided event staffing for this fitness event, and our athletic and energetic brand ambassadors engaged the runner community and drove traffic to NIKETOWN and the exclusive newest model NIKE FREE running shoe available there. They also distributed 15,000 flyers across 3 days and high-traffic areas of Boston.

Our Approach:

Together with creative agency Project 2050, Signature Marketing used its local market knowledge to design strategy and routes with timing, coverage and the right talent.  6 energetic, fit, brand ambassadors were recruited, trained, outfitted and deployed with a clear script, defined goals and maps of their slice of Boston.  The team checked in every 2 hours with updates on results and the success of the areas they were working.  Nightly recaps were built and submitted to the client in order to provide real-time updates to NIKE.

Our Results:

  • The project spanned 3 days and 96 hours leading up to Marathon Monday.
  • Signature provided a former Division I NCAA Track Athlete as the Team Lead.
  • All 15,000 marketing collateral pieces were handed out with a redeemable discount at the Boston NIKETOWN store.
  • ~3,000 pieces were collected at the store indicating a 20% engagement and success against the primary program goal.
  • Date January 9, 2020
  • Tags Event Logistics, Event Planning, Event Reporting, Event Staffing, Special Events