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  • Holiday Season Event Sampling

Wrapping Up The Holidays – a Seasonal Sampling Event

The Objective of Wrapping Up The Holidays – a Seasonal Sampling Event:

Our mission was to reach busy holiday-season shoppers through a comprehensive and engaging brand experience at this seasonal sampling event. We offered a comforting atmosphere with food, coffee, gift-wrapping and gift baskets to encourage extended shopping time. Signature Marketing also leveraged a unique and elaborate event format to a key retailer to stand out from other suppliers and increase customer loyalty.

Our Approach:

Collaborating with Pernod Ricard, one of the top global spirits companies in the word,  Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits, the largest distributor in the U.S.,  and Binny’s Beverage Depot, Chicagoland’s premier liquor chain, Signature Marketing built an original event concept featuring in-store liquor sampling, street-team flyers, a vintage Airstream RV rental, consumer gifting and more. With a vision toward repeating and growing this event in future years, Signature Marketing created custom Kahlua liqueur coffee drinks and infused brownies, sparkling holiday Absolut Vodka cocktails and gained new distribution and incremental holiday product purchases to support the season.  Brand ambassadors were placed in various roles sampling, handing out holiday treat bags and flyers at a nearby mall, gift-wrapping consumer purchases and raffling off holiday gift baskets every 30 minutes throughout the event.


  • The program has run successfully for 4 consecutive years and is planned 6 months in advance.
  • The concept has grown from 1 store to 4 stores per holiday season and now includes sparkling wines, multiple whiskeys, scotch, tequila and full catering
  • Our sampling team sold out Kahlua seasonal flavors and Absolut special edition holiday bottles.
  • Other chain stores have asked to be added to the calendar in following years.
  • Date January 9, 2020
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